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Providing Holistic Healing Through Foot Zone

Balance & Analysis

Achieve wellness and balance with Wellness Gardens Foot Zoning L.L.C. We provide Foot Zone balance and analysis to help promote the body's natural healing capabilities. Contact us in Aberdeen, South Dakota for an appointment or to learn more about Foot Zoning.

Cooking Class Available 

We will make salad dressing with probiotics, learn to ferment garlic for healing, & a delicious meal! We will discuss what feeds cancer & what starves cancer.

Classes are offered on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023 from 10 AM to 12 PM CST

We are located at: 38591 129th St., Aberdeen, SD 57401

What Is Foot Zoning?

FootZonolgy is the science of balancing, rejuvenating, and detoxifying the body through the signal system of the feet using two methods: ZoneBalance and ZoneAnalysis.

There are signals in the feet connected to every cell and organ in the body. Using these signals, each cell is prompted at the DNA level to renew and repair themselves. Our bodies actually have the ability to heal themselves. This is what we call ZoneBalance!

In ZoneAnalysis, what we see or feel in the signals can help us determine imbalances in the body.

FootZonology treats the entire body as a whole. Each system in our body is inter-connected, and they work together in a synergistic way for our wellness. Imbalances can occur when only one area is treated at a time. When we treat the entire body, balance is maintained and gives us the complete wellness we desire.

History of FootZonology

FootZonology's predecessor is Foot Zone Therapy. Zone Therapy has been practiced for thousands of years in some form. Ancient paintings and hieroglyphics found in India and Egypt depict Zone Therapy.

Zone Therapy was rediscovered in the 20th century by Dr. William Fitzgerald (1872-1946). An American ear, nose, and throat specialist, Dr. Fitzgerald theorized that we have 10 vertical meridians, or electrical circuits, that run through the body. He discovered that by applying pressure in a specific movement or pattern, relief from pain could be obtained.

Dr. Fitzgerald's work was documented by Dr. Edwin Bowers, who referred to the vertical meridians as "zones."

In the 1950s, a Norwegian doctor named Charles Ersdal, M.D., experienced relief of paralysis from Zone Therapy. Throughout the next 26 years, Dr. Ersdal studied and researched Foot Zone Therapy and understood that the body has its own healing intelligence. He discovered that the body can heal itself when stimulated through the Foot Zone treatment.

He continued to discover that the body responded best when treated completely as a whole/interrelated system. He charted these signals, including those in the brain, lymphatic system, blood circulation, and musculoskeletal system.

A German-trained naturopath, Katri Nordblom, was taught Foot Zone Therapy by Dr. Ersdal. She began to teach this method in Sweden.

As Katri practiced, she made discoveries of her own using the signals of the feet.

In 1989, Katri and her husband, Hans, moved to Paradise Valley, Montana. She continued to make more discoveries and eventually changed her treatment to FootZonology (a much more advanced method to zone therapy) and trademarked the method. In 1990, she and Hans began the Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Foot Zone Take?

For the initial visit, one can plan for 1 1/2 hours. Follow-ups are scheduled for an hour.

What Can One Expect in a Foot Zone Treatment?

The therapist will methodically roll, press, or slide knuckles along the tops, sides, and bottoms of your feet. No tools are used in the treatment.

Foot Zoning helps bring back the body to a balanced state and detoxifies it. After a session, you may feel relaxed, sleepy, or more energized.

You should plan to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Before a treatment, it’s advised that you don’t use lotions or oils on your feet.

How Often Should One Receive a Foot Zone?

It varies depending on the condition of the body. If you are fit and healthy, a Foot Zone is recommended every 4-6 weeks to keep your body in balance. Those with chronic or acute conditions may be advised to have a Foot Zone a few times a week.

Will I Experience Side Effects After Receiving a Foot Zone?

Each individual is different and responds to the treatment differently. Some clients may experience immediate positive relief, while others may have a brief detox reaction, such as fatigue.

Who Should Receive a Foot Zone?

Anybody can benefit from Foot Zoning. We all have imbalances, whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental. Zoning can bring our bodies back into balance. However, there are individuals with certain conditions that should not get zoned due to side effects.

Zoning allows our bodies to come into balance and, in turn, prepare us for the demands and stress in our lives. It can also help with our moods and hormone imbalances.

Babies take on their parents’ gut flora, which influence their immune system. They may also have disturbances due to delivery. Zoning can bring things back into proper balance.

Teenagers, as they go through hormonal changes, can benefit from a Foot Zone. Men, women, and the elderly can be supported by the rejuvenating effects of a Foot Zone.

Are There Any Reasons Why I Shouldn't Receive a Foot Zone Treatment?

There are some cases where a person should not receive a Foot Zone. These include the following:

  • If someone has any internal foreign object, such as a pacemaker or stent, or if they have any internal organ implants
  • If someone has had surgery in the last 8 weeks
  • If someone is going through or has gone through chemotherapy or radiation
  • If someone is intoxicated
  • If someone is extremely undernourished



At my home Office (38591 129th St.  Aberdeen, SD 57401

Initial Session: $125

Follow-Up Sessions: $95

Package plans: 

4 Sessions: $360


Any Outreach Options:



Detox Foot Bath $55

Aromatherapy Treatment $40


Foot Zone Classes (to become a licensed Foot Zonologist):


(Ask about Specials)




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