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Promoting Holistic Healing and Wellness

About Tammy Artz

Tammy Artz founded Wellness Gardens Foot Zoning L.L.C. in July 2017 to provide holistic therapy and help clients ease their stress levels and experience healing and relaxation. She is a wife, a mother of 10, a Foot Zonologist, Zoning Instructor. Tammy and her husband raise their family with Christian values. She lives with her family near Aberdeen, South Dakota and operates her business from her office there.

Her journey began with her children’s health issues. One of her daughters specifically began having stomach problems when she was 6 years old. They began seeing doctors and specialists without finding answers. Tammy then had her tested for food allergies. Through this, they discovered she had intolerances to gluten, soy, dairy, and corn.

Cutting these out of her diet seemed to help, but eventually, she got worse again. They began trying natural care through naturopaths, reflexology, muscle testing, the GAPS diet, and chiropractic care.

Though these avenues helped some, she would get worse again. If she didn’t eat every hour and a half, her blood sugar would drop. When she ate, she would scream in pain. 6 years into their journey, her daughter developed headaches and leg pain and was only able to tolerate goat milk and watermelon. She eventually quit walking due to the pain in her legs and she was unable to attend school.

It was then they discovered foot zoning. After receiving the first treatment, the pain in her legs was gone, and she got up and walked. With each session, there was a noticeable improvement. With no one in the region practicing this form of treatment, Tammy decided to learn how to foot zone to treat her own daughter.

As Tammy continued to work with her daughter, they were able to start introducing new foods back into her diet. Today, she is back in school, eating well with no pain, running track, and riding horses.

Through this journey, Tammy has been able to bring herself and her whole family back to wellness. She had dealt with kidney stones for twenty years and had developed a goiter on her thyroid. Since learning how to foot zone, she no longer deals with these issues. They are happy and well.

Too often, people wait until they are sick to look for answers for their health. Tammy believes in finding the root cause of health problems, not treating the symptoms. She believes in regular foot zoning for balance and feeding our bodies well to have true wellness.

Client Reviews

“Tammy is wonderful! She’s knowledgeable and does great things! Would highly recommend! Especially to those who know something is up with body but doctors can’t find out what it is!!”

- Katie Scott

“I love my foot zoning experience! Tammy’s inviting and relaxing environment leaves me so refreshed. I look forward to that cup of tea and lovely drive out to your home every time. I’ve had my feet zoned 6 times over the last few months and have no plans to stop visiting because I have felt so good.

I had strep throat 8 times over the last year. I was told to get my tonsils out and I said, “No thanks!” Since I started visiting Tammy for zoning, I haven’t had strep at all! I’ve only had one cold and I believe I got over it much quicker than my family because my body is learning how to heal itself. As a teacher that sees almost 500 kids a week, I’m in constant contact with germs. Staying healthy

 is so important.

Thank you, Tammy, for sharing your gift!”

- Marissa Kessler

“Tammy is a wonderful person who cares deeply about her work and the people she treats through her zoning practice. She will go to great lengths to find answers for her clients and truly listens — a skill that seems to be lost in most conventional clinics these days. She is also knowledgeable in nutrition as well as other natural/holistic approaches to overall wellness. In my experience, the benefits of zoning have been immediate, noticing improvements within hours after being treated.”

- Jen Sietsema

“I have been blessed by Tammy and her therapy. My whole body feels healthy again. Her knowledge of anatomy and what affects what is impressive. She has been so helpful in so many ways and I am very, very appreciative of her and her skills. Thank you, Tammy!!”

- Peggy Serfoss

“I can’t wait to go back and have more of my family members seen. The information I was given on various oils and also how the body works together was fascinating and thorough. The environment was great and relaxed. I highly recommend Tammy for learning about your body and how to naturally care for your whole being.”

- Abby Cogley

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